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We’re all here collaborating together to help to raise the level of consciousness, with our intention firmly on the greater good of all, regardless of race, culture or religion.  

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We all wear masks at some time or another. Here's a little book to stimulate your mind:

  • Are you aware you wear masks?

  • What impact might it have on you (and others) if you knew you were wearing one or more masks?

  • What might happen in your world if removed your masks?

  • All this and more will be answered ..

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 We’re a community (coming-into-unity with one another) Small circles via online each with a maximum 8 people. Regardless of race, culture or religion, we’ve joined together to initiate individual and collective responsibility, toward raising consciousness - for self and greater good of all - regardless of race, culture or religion.

We form small circles and integrate larger ones too. There are no leaders, simply bringing together our own innate skills, sharing amongst others and leading when ours is the greater strength.

Interested? Want to know how we work together?

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Harmony Circles

All the answers are inside of you

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We need free flowing thoughts and mindful action to function in this 24/7 full-on digital world. There are signposts you can follow on your life journey to easily meet with your intuitive and all-knowing wise Self and remember what you’ve forgotten about living from your inner world. Please accept these introductions simply click on any of the four R’s above!


You are the pattern maker and breaker of your own destiny.


Anna Tanmayi offers spiritual mentoring by donation and free introductions to joining and networking within Harmony Circles where guidance, support, inspiration and empowerment in Meeting Your Beautiful Mind regardless of race, culture or religion is her mission in life. Her second, yes she has two, well why not? Is for a Silver Revolution, where we live in an age that has no age, where we aren’t penalised through a number, a religion, culture or race!

Meet with her for video calls, email conversations and online and in-person mentoring.