Can you see the Stars? Or does fear block out your vision?

How often do you look upwards into the vastness above and beyond? How often do you really see?



I spent a couple of years living on the Virgin Islands.

In the sultry evenings I would take my chair onto the beach and swish my feet in the warm water watching the shooting stars flash this way and that, criss crossing the sky above . I always had the feeling I was enveloped in thick black velvet or maybe, well maybe, an enormous black room where the twinkling stars were really pin holes reflecting the light within the room high above.? If so…

It didn’t matter too much really, because I was in heaven. i was surrounded in sparkles of light way way up high; my mind grew wings and flew.

Puts’ little me’ into perspective.

Well, can you see the stars?

I had a dream recently where I watched two shooting stars alongside each other hurtling through space, suddenly they merged and for a while it was a brighter single star hurtling along. Moments later though, all things changed with the one star splitting into two.

And so it continued. Two into one, then one into two and so on.

I was mesmerised.

Dreams tell me stories and provide answers.

in my everyday world, I’m always looking for the shapes in-between. So I was confident that the following day(s) and meetings and co-incidences and symbols would provide me with further understanding.

And so the stars unfolded their story:

Out with the OLD in with the NEW - or somewhere in-between?

My friend and I were bemoaning the western current healthcare systems. We were sharing stories of friends embroiled in physical pain and worry.

One was so worried about his pain that he was rushed into hospital with ambulance siren screaming. He was thoroughly checked out and given the all clear, and without further ado told to take a taxi home. Only to find himself at home the following day with similar pain, on the phone to the medical emergency.

Another friend - recently suffering a great deal of stress- ended up in emergency a couple of times in the same week.

Our conversation was centred around how the media and general public tend to view physical health. For example, If we’re lucky and we don’t tick the you-are-seriously-ill-acccording-to-our machines criteria we’re checked over, patched up, given drugs and told to go home.

We got to thinking how this might be considered the’ old paradigm’ in that there seems to be little or no personal responsibility and focus for mental and emotional healing or attempt to align our wellbeing on various levels including nutrition, environment, relationships, service, community (to name but a few) Not to mention nature, healing and spirituality; something greater to give us a strong inner foundation upon which to cope with pain and fear.

On the one side could be this ‘old paradigm’ and on the other might there be is a shining ‘new paradigm’ where one takes responsibility for a whole system approach to wellbeing?

But hey, at least we are awake and re-membering and in many ways transforming. At least we recognise our vulnerability as we straddle both old and new.

Are we straddling a bridge?

Is this our current and continuous struggle as humans transform into, well… what… being and becoming what?

Can you see the stars?


The two stars are either end of the bridge between the old and new paradigms.

In this natural process we all straddle our own bridge(s) of duality.

It can be health/job/ageing/climate change/the future/day to day living/community. Any single thing. Where old possibly outdated behaviours and beliefs are being challenged by new ones. We’re challenged by old ways and new ways of thinking, being, doing and becoming.

And we’re challenged by how we can integrate (two stars into one star) and birth this bright new star all on it’s very own. And then, and then… we shoot along on our merry way only to find we’re challenged with another possibly outdated behaviour and belief!

How can we birth our new star?

How safe is it? Where am I/you on this vulnerability fear bridge?

Question is, where do you and I stand on this bridge?

How easy is it to balance, walk towards or away from one end or the other? Can we fully embrace one end perhaps? Can we be at one?

My favourite word over what can seem like this an never-ending dilemma as we awaken and remember and face the question of being willing to transform is SEPARATION.

We separate when we are in fear anxiety worry pain. We want to fix it focus on only one thing or another (my pain is caused by x or why) yet we are rainbow warriors with countless shades of colour interconnecting swirling ever changing. NO there is never one single thing we can put our finger on firmly. We are hurtling along two into one and one into two for ever being and becoming. Can you see the stars?