You can you know... simply by living in the present.

There really is no time like the present and perhaps that’s why it’s called a gift!

What’s so good about staying in the present?

Ever seen a rabbit caught in the headlights? 

He stays perfectly still.

I've often wondered whether its through sheer terror or if he knows something we don’t. But this happens to us too,  it  can seem like that anyway, when faced with a huge life challenge.

 If sufficiently aware, you might know you have the choice between fight and flight,  sticking your head in the sand, remaining still and silent or, maybe, there are other choices you can make.   I divorced my husband because he had only one way of looking at problems and that was sticking his head in the sand. He was stuck and I became stuck. I became ill because my body (and my mind) screamed out for action.  Any action being better than sticking my head in sand! So, eventually I took action and divorce ensued. If anyone is thinking out of the frying pan into the fire they would be right! Yet in my defence, I wouldn't be where I am now - living in my own Beautiful Mind - if I hadn't gone through adversity. You see, this is the thing about change and  it's gift which is living in the present. Change teaches us to step into the unknown and delve into our beautiful mind to find answers. Actually you and I are modern alchemists. We have the ability to turn lead into gold simply by changing the way we do things: changing our mindset.

I've learned that  those  who remain still and calm -  allowing negative thoughts and feelings  flow through their beautiful mind without holding on and becoming stuck in negative thoughts and feelings -  became truly present in the moment. Result? A wider perspective on the issue in hand, free from any past or future worries, an ability to see all options, free to  choose the most appropriate way forward. ALL without buying into any emotions or negative thinking.

You see when you and I accept thoughts of fear and anxiety we make them our own. And we suffer. No-one else does.  

HAH! I want that!

You can have this too. 

When we live in the present...

We’re not thinking 'what if' 'if only' we are not thinking about things from the past and we aren’t worrying about the future either. 


People who live in their beautiful mind,

have learned how to

reflect | release | repair | and reset | their mind at will.


The payback is Vitality. 

A key for building and sustaining vitality is to create a timeline for your life.

 It’s what’s worked well for me and successfully for many of my clients too.

A timeline helps us to  free up what is holding us back from having the time of our lives.

Fleshing out a timeline from 0 to present age will help trace what has worked well and not so well for you  in your life. 

You never know, a timeline reflection may well set you on the road to writing your memoirs for the kids or give you a nugget of an idea for an amazing novel. If so, remember me in your royalties!

The key though, seriously,  is to bring the light filled happy and joyful threads through into your present by weaving these threads into your everyday moments. Why not? Your life is worth enjoying every moment of every day!

Keys to a successful timeline:

  1. OK, so there will be stuff when we look back that requires letting go. There'll by times where you'll need to accept  the fact that life isn’t like it used to be and we aren’t like we used to be.  I was hugely reminded of this in my yoga class recently.  I watched as a young lady practised a headstand. I used to do that, but I can get dizzy standing upside down. So be it. It is what it is.  I let it go and enjoy watching others. And reflect with happiness that yes, I could do that and actually no, I don’t want or need to do it anymore.
  2. I guarantee when you let go, you'll experience renewed optimism, joy and wellbeing.  How do I know? Well my own self development along with my professional experience tells me this is the pattern. 
  3. By the way, do let go of holding onto past memories and resentment. The guilt, the ‘What if’ thoughts, and the ‘If only.’ It’s gone it’s past. You see, the only one who is suffering is you if you hold onto these thoughts and feelings and memories. Do you really want to suffer?
  4. I’ve learned that I’m the pattern maker and breaker of my existence. It’s been a long journey to this acceptance. And a worthwhile one. 


The shamans from the indigenous cultures ask when helping a member of the community regain balance and strengthen in their vitality:

“When did you stop dreaming? When was the last time you sang or danced? When did you last hear or tell a story?"

The shamans know that when we stop dreaming, singing, dancing, hearing or sharing stories, well, we’ve stopped being alive.


My recipe for vitality always includes:


  • A good dose of dreaming and imagination.
  • Physical activity (heart, lung and strengthening exercises) and for me that’s yoga and dancing to the music of the 60’70’s  (good for balance) with deep breathing and meditation an absolute must. Oh and walking my dog, Honey.
  • A generous helping of colour: the colours of sunrise and sunset (perfect for meditation) the green of the countryside, abundant beauty of all flowers together with the blue of the sea and sky to lift my heart.
  • An acceptance and gratitude that every day is a new day: I choose to  wake up to allowing fun happiness and joy to enter my day.
  • My advice would be to take two heaped tablespoons of emotional intelligence daily, together with a full glass of kindness and compassion mixed with patience and tolerance and liberally sprinkled with humour. 
  • Take all of the above morning and evening.  
Everything is possible and nothing is impossible. You are only ever limited by your imagination!


"Everything is possible and nothing is impossible. You are only ever limited by your mind."

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"We are all made of stars and carry eternity inside." Thich Nhat Hanh