Your freedom to imagine and dream.

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Your Gateway into your Sixth Decade and beyond is all about moving into a greater sense of your own self.

What better way to do this than to open up to your imagination and your dreams?

The shamans from the indigenous cultures say, when asked to cure a member of the community of their ills: “When did you stop dreaming? When was the last time you sang or danced? When did you last hear or tell a story?"
For they know that when we stop dreaming, singing, dancing, hearing or sharing stories, in other words having fun and being playful and creative.   Well, we’ve stopped truly living. We've restricted our freedom, shut down our heart and mind to anything other than day by day routine. 
We may be restricted in our actions, even in speech, yet our freedom to think and imagine are integral to being truly human. Both are free and both are accessible to you. 

Seeing the Spaces In-Between 

My life - my reality -  my take on the world really has all the answers I need. But this 24/7 world demands my time......but wait, hey, no it doesn't. I have all the time in the world!

  • I have entered the sixth decade. So I can cheerfully say I've entered it with eagerness.
  • I've stepped off the merry-go-round.

OK so some of us may be pushed or perhaps eagerly jumped into being sixty and beyond.  While others, needed help to make that all important step through the Gateway. 

When we are moving through the 40th and 50th Gateways we simply cannot see what is going on, because we are so often busy doing, busy juggling, just busy living. 

It is now, as we move through the Gateway into our Sixties and beyond we have the time and can look for the shapes in-between... 

And what do we find?

Time has spaces in between,  a minute can be a long time, an hour can go so quickly.

There are spaces in between conversations, we call them pauses, so much is said in those pauses.

The spaces in between waiting for a flight, a train journey, a dental appointment.

So-called empty spaces.

Now's the very time to reflect upon dreams from childhood.

Have you achieved them? Have you listened to them? If you would listen to them and could action upon them what would be different in your life right now? Because you see so many of us don't. 

 You really are the pattern maker and breaker of your own existence you know. Age is just a number. 


Meet your imagination and intuition.

Listening to your dreams, actioning upon your dreams will mean you will meet the playful and lighthearted parts of you. And they'll reawaken your own innate wisdom for joy, peace and healing.

For the next week, dedicate 10 minutes, to imagining yourself at your absolute best as a what... a comedian, performer, movie star, singer or writer...?

  • .What will you look like?
  • What will you talk about?
  • How will the audience feel about you?
  • Jot down your thoughts. Enjoy imagining yourself in something you've never imagined or thought about yourself before.  How does it feel? How do you feel? Does it light your fire? Your passion? We need passion it maintains a youthful outlook on life. We experience vitality as well as energy through passion.  

Meet with your intuitive self: your imagination and your insight, and you'll experience an alignment between your heart and mind. This is your access to your beautiful mind, your inner world, where an unlimited source of happiness, joy and vitality awaits. 

It's my wellbeing, my energy, my vitality which helps me to age well...

I can make choices: I can take back my thoughts, my mind, my feelings. I respond rather than react. I go with the flow. I don't react to triggers in the outer world.  First step? Trust in your reality and choose not to be triggered or driven by the outer world: media, culture, systems, people. 

So what can I do?

I can trust the shapes in-between.  Trust in being: in giving myself the space and time for reflection.  Understand that reflection inside my own mind guarantees greater clarity, peace and joy.

You will begin to see the spaces in-between.  In other words you will see the world through your own eyes and begin to trust in your self. 

What will happen when I do this?

You'll experience how you can rest, release, repair, reset and recharge at will and 


Now, that's worth having at any age!




"Everything is possible and nothing is impossible. You are only ever limited by your mind."

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"We are all made of stars and carry eternity inside." Thich Nhat Hanh