Have you ever asked: "How can I help you?"

I’d really love to help…

I’d really love to help…

I can’t of course. No-one can

I know what you’re going through, believe me, I really do

My heart aches for you

But no, it’s not my place. I can’t help

I can’t take ‘it’ away from you.

I would if I could. But no, it’s not my place.

I can’t help you, I’d love too, but no.

Oh, why can’t you just see as I see?

I want to show you. Really I do.

But no, you have to see it your way. Then you’ll know.

You’ll really know. You’ll trust as I do and all will be well.

When I was looking I couldn’t see. It took so long. Yes people told me, showed me,

others walked away, left me. They weren’t seeing. It was different for them, maybe they didn’t want to see.

i know its easier, in a way, not to see…until, of course you DO see

Because, you see, for me, I knew there’s something more to this world.

Ever since I was three years old, I’ve been looking, watching, waiting.

I just knew.

How can I help you, hold you, make it better, make it go away.

Tell you not to worry, don’t be scared, that everything is ok, really. You’re safe.

Life is so beautiful, blissful, joyful… really, it is.

I really want to tell you. Take you by the hand, show you the way.

But no, I can’t help you. Not really. It is you. Only you who can make the choice for help.

I’ll listen. Of course I will. I’ll sit alongside you. I won’t try to fix it either.

You see, it is your journey. Your life. It always has and always will be your life and your choice.

But I can guarantee this: once you make that choice - and it’s the most challenging, fearful and at the same time beautiful delightful and life transforming choice you’ll ever make - once you make it , reach out , open your heart to something greater than you, I, we, all can help.


We are all as ONE


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