Looking Inside into your own Beautiful Mind

Looking Inside into your own Beautiful Mind

What a relief…

I've remembered what I've forgotten and I've awakened to my inner world!

What a relief!

After countless years searching 'out there' in the big wide outer world I realise what I was really searching for was inside of me all along. Right here, in my own Beautiful Mind.

It’s got everything…

My mind is a sustained source of peace, happiness and joy. I‘d like to  share with you free flowing thoughts and mindful action. intuition, imagination and insight alongside everyday free and crystal clear thinking and feeling for you to reshape your inner world for outer bliss.

It’s all yours…

You can achieve this, it's just a matter of recognising, utilising and living from your inner world as opposed to trying to function 'out there' in a never sleeping 24/7 fast-becoming digital world.

Small wonder everyone experiences exhaustion, full-on and never ending living!

Who am I?

Hah! there's a question! Well, some  call me a transformation catalyst. I’ve taken a step away from Counselling, NLP, Reiki Healing, stress and wellbeing, body work and Dream Catching, because, well you see, I found what when I used my skills (I’ve over 10,000 hours with clients and, whoops a lot of years! I might be counselling - say - only to recognise that what my client needed was healing, or healing or body work and recognise that my client wanted to open up and explore their inner world through talking and dreaming.

Wisdom Sharing and Mentoring

I offer you signposts on your life journey.

Transformation through wisdom sharing and mentoring via donation.

If you find that you don’t fit into a system or box or tribe and you are open to new and different ways of being and becoming you may find wisdom sharing and mentoring for your way forward most appealing.

 If you have a thought, question, quest or reflection, then why not talk with me, write or connect via zoom?

What is important is you. Your life journey, your beliefs, your thoughts, your truth, your inner world. 

How you see your reality and how it is shaping up for you. 

If you are questioning your life journey - those deep down questions we all have: who am I and why am I here? What is not working so well for me right now, I want more but that doesn't sit right when others are without… You know, those sort of questions, then please know you aren’t alone. Of course not! They’re experiences, questions, concerns and fears we all face along our human journey.

Connect with like hearted and minded others?

We have a free service through:

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Imagine a circle - a circle of harmony - with like minded and hearted others

Where we all believe through our mind and hearts that everything is potential and possible

Imagine being part of a group willing to support and encourage you to live on the inside, in your inner world alongside like minded and hearted others.

Join us?

This is me after one of my wellbeing radio shows.

This is me after one of my wellbeing radio shows.