What’s a Harmony Circle?

We provide a community (coming-into-unity with one another) through small circles (maximum 8 people) with “Intention” using our mind and our hearts toward healing humanitarian needs, nature and Mother Earth.

Regardless of race, culture or religion, we’ve joined together to initiate individual responsibility, toward raising consciousness - for self and greater good of all - regardless of race, culture or religion.

Interested? Want to know how it works?

Listen to our podcast Invitation on the home page HERE and JOIN our Community HERE where you will receive your I N V I T A T I O N in a pdf format. Once a month we’ll share great blogs/podcasts from our community. No obligation, it’s free!

You’ll also receive a mini E-Book ALLTHE ANSWERS ARE INSIDE OF YOU” designed to demonstrate a way to remain centred when confronting life’s ups and downs. It will help you to discern your own truth whilst currently living in a 24/7 full-on digital world …

Do contact me, Anna Tanmayi with any thoughts, questions, help or support!