Purpose and Passion need energy and vitality


It is a fact, that when we're trying to cope with change - moving from one way of being to another -  we'll need the energy to cope with the transformation we're undertaking.  Similarly,  when we're full of purpose and passion, we'll need sustained energy levels too. 

We all have dips and dives in our energy levels. Some causes are more insidious than others here are a few energy thieves to get you thinking:

People can affect your energy levels. A measure of whether a friend/colleague sustains you or drains you is to ask yourself after you've met: ‘Am I feeling good about that meeting?’

Our own negative thoughts and emotions will deplete  energy, motivation, purpose and passion.  Focus, self belief and confidence lessen. Einstein was one of the first to say that one cannot handle a problem from the same mind that created it. Trick here to improve your mindset is to change it! MOVE! Literally!  Get out and about. do something different. Allow those negative thoughts and emotions to have something else to think about. 

Emotional resilience and energy levels are inextricably linked:  I was giving a talk on emotions and emotional resilience in a hospice.  I was halfway through when a lady stood up and said to me ‘Anna, you’re preaching to the converted here.  We know that if we wake up feeling low, our pain will be worse.  We know if we can maintain a positive attitude our pain is considerably lessened.’ Energy levels? Yes, you’ve guessed it, when these lovely people experienced low thoughts and emotions it was all they could do to dress themselves, they were completely low mentally and emotionally. 

What else depletes our energy?

  • Foods can deplete or enhance energy levels.

  • Lighting levels.

  • Pollution.

  • Digital technology. Robert had an allergy to computers. ‘Whenever I sit by my computer, I am totally drained of energy. My fingers tingle when I’ve been on the keys for a while.’ The digital world was literally draining her ability to be passionate about anything!

  Small wonder we are tired, cranky or unable to do things we would normally love to be doing as our energy dips and dives. 

What can you do about the common problems of lack of energy? Learn how to energise yourself.  And sustain your energy. We all experience ups and downs in life, in work and at home.  However, if we are unable to balance our energy levels and function at peak performance when required, we will find our approach to life and its challenges far more difficult to handle. 

Most of us have a low energy component somewhere.  It might be thoughts, emotions or on a physical level and it may also be more spiritual such as “where do I fit in?” or “how can I maintain a balance between it all?”

When our sense of personal security is affected our energy levels slump.

  People often talk about "I want to make more of me, but not do so much." Or companies say 'we must do more with less.'  

What depletes your energy?

Energy helps us in our cooking process, building the steam inside to motivate, sustain and maintain our new way of being.  

Passion and purpose  cannot function without full and sustained energy levels. 

On the positive side, once we've adopted a new way of being, once we've moved through the change, we've raised our game of life.

We're literally functioning from a new and different mindset. Initially strange, we'll find ourselves handling something from a previous pattern only to find we are drawn to approaching it in a new way. But once this new (and easier) level becomes the norm you won't even think of the past and yes, you've  raised your game of life.

The outcome? We have accessed more of our passion, more of our self expression. We have more energy to cope with new and different challenges.  We can stretch ourselves, we can open ourselves up to more of our potential.  And, when we stretch, we find our energy levels can sustain the stretch.