A Reflection upon your HEART

Take time to reflect upon your HEART

Take time to reflect upon your HEART

Maybe the answers you seek aren’t in the mind and you’ll find them instead, by being in your HEART

Letting go. Scary. Is it? Mind might want you to reject this notion. OK, so you may need to negotiate a little, but, let’s be logical, it surely can’t do any harm?

  • Ask your mind how often you’ve tried controlling everything in your life and has it always worked.

  • Be honest with yourself: when mentally controlling hasn’t worked, do you try escapism, blanking out, watching TV box sets, eating for the sake of it, shopping for the sake of it, staring at the computer for…yes, for the sake of it. Walking the dog, cleaning for days on end. Anything, anything but letting go…and pausing to reflect upon your heart, that place inside of you where your feelings, and peace and joy reside.

  • Isn’t this why we’re here? Shouldn’t we be continually experiencing peace, joy, happiness?

Re-membering what we’ve forgotten

What about looking into your heart?

Listening to your heart? It will communicate when you understand the language.

Try going with the flow of your heart.

You see, your heart is pure of that you can be certain.

Look around, even think upon your heart if you must - at all the songs, stories, poems and films.

What do they have in common? They all speak of the purity of the heart.

You can trust in your heart.

And you can trust in anyone or anything speaking from the heart.

You will never be let down.

Your heart is the only sanctuary offering you pure joy and peace and freedom to be truly you

Isn’t this what you so desperately desire and deserve? OK you may not have asked yourself whether you deserve happiness joy and peace.

Go on then, do you dare to ask yourself?

Your heart will never fail you and it will always be true to you.

  • Your heart speaks to you and for you and only you. It’s a wise and Knowing sanctuary especially and only for YOU.

  • Your heart accepts you as you, allowing you to let go of any blocks, and negativity you may carry. After all, why are there stories of hearts being shattered, broken-hearts, hole in hearts. Why do we thing of pain, suffering, disappointment in such a heart-felt manner?

  • The mind - you know, those 60,000 full-on never-ending thoughts wittering around in your head. Your mind, it plays tricks. It has doubts, it is influenced by others, the media, systems, structures, ancestors, past patterns, limiting beliefs.

Your heart? It speaks TRUE.



ps you’ll always experience safety and peace when you function/live within your heart space instead of ‘up there’ in your head space. You’ll experience your uniqueness and your interconnectedness with a greater Knowing than your own. When you choose to take this step - which, paradoxically, can seem to be the hardest and yet, the easiest step you’ll ever make in your life - you’ll always experience safety, peace and Truth, whatever your challenge. And from this safe haven, you’ll gradually receive and know your True Purpose (preventing all those “who am I, where am I going, why am here?” type questions).

All those wonderful parts of you and your dreams you’ve glimpsed over the years (and you will have glimpsed them, because we all do) will feel safe enough to appear to help you achieve your purpose without any conscious effort on your part. You’ll look back and laugh at just how simply life really is and how difficult you made the search!

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