Do you cut your mind off from your body?

Do you know how your body copes when you are stressed?

Can you cut off your mind from your body?

Can you cut off your mind from your body?

What happens to your body when you’re stressed?

I used to be guilty of separating my mind from my body ignoring everything and “getting on with it” to the detriment of my physical wellbeing.

I would literally cut my head off from my body. It’s easy really, it’s like putting your mind into a box. Shutting your self away. Do you know what I mean? Best of all it means I would Ignore any physical warning signals…

Trouble is if you continue to do this it can have a habit of backfiring, especially if you’re sick (see footnote at the end of this blog)

At the very least it will mean you’ll not have enough mental and emotional coping mechanisms when life gets tough. And it can mean you’ll experience aches and pains which eventually become chronic - back pain, stomach problems, head pain, and digestive issues leading to more serious illness. Of course, they are just the beginning. Believe me I know, I learned the hard way. But it doesn’t have to be for you.

All is not lost. You can easily integrate your body with mind benefitting from new and different ways of living life well even when life is tough.

Can you imagine what your body would say to you if you could hear it?

Here’s a typical letter from body to mind. It’s a synthesis of notes I’ve made from clients including my own’ body messages.’ Rest assured (and it’s not crazy I promise you) body can help you understand the impact on your physical wellbeing advising you a better way of managing life. Best of all you’ll be getting a tailor made diagnosis perfect for you!


I’m tired. You don’t list to me enough. Even though you practise yoga, you run, you work out.

You never listen.

OK you do need mindfulness, you do need nature, you need to listen and sit and just be but that’s not good enough for me.

I took away your taste buds for you to listen

I suffered hip replacement, hysterectomy, colon cancer for you to listen.

You had it all

And thyroid and ulcer

Here’s what I want:


  • I want to run, I want to laugh. Be joyful and happy

  • It’s YOU. You who need to grieve. You who are stressed always running ahead of yourself. Always fixing. always fighting. You need to LET GO

  • I cannot keep up. I’m too tired.

  • YOU DON’T realise that I too have a brain. I’m strong. Look up Solar Plexus it’s the second brain.

  • You have a Stradivarius violin as a body and you don’t know how to play me. You are without a valuable string. Without me you aren’t in harmony. I bring you - as your body - I bring you mellow and joyful tones.

LISTEN to me. I know what I, therefore WE need.

  • Explore, discover and write and paint

  • Be free to do all of the above

  • Learn to meditate. Write and draw to express to feel to share…

  • Be curious. Be lively. Be easy fun and flexible. BE HAPPY PLAY Be spontaneous

  • I respond to nature to light and trees. You know that now. I am a flower I don’t need much ‘physical food’ and I do need the correctly balanced nutrients for me. SO LISTEN TO ME

Blueberries peanut butter chia seeds molasses what a breakfast! You’ll always know what’s right for me to eat when you listen to me because my energy level improve in minutes.

You must stop when I have fulfilment. Otherwise the energy produced from the food will need to be used to digest an overfull stomach which means your wellbeing and mental strength is depleted. See? Listen to me.

You know that more food to fill the stomach will never make you happy. Never defeat loneliness or dispel grief.

Together listening to me we will continually be in joyous harmony.

We, yes, WE are now in harmonious. We are as ONE

We are joyful together.

Playful open to the flow. In the zone.

We begin afresh from a strong foundation.

TOGETHER we move forward into the unknown . Yet it isn’t unknown. We process step by step. You will never get ahead of yourself. I promise for I am slower than your quick mind. I am your engine. i function on light, in nature. I have to be in harmony. I am of this earth. I am the vehicle for you on this earth. I need time and to process shock trauma anxiety. I react to people to environment to sound and to light.

I respond to light we all respond to light

I don’t need more physical food

You do need to listen to what I need

You’ll therefore experience greater energy and assistance from me

Solve your own Puzzle!

Solve your own Puzzle!


Begin with experiencing a fundamental step below first.

As you deepen your understanding allow body (by listening to it) to lead you to choosing any of the other steps. A measure will be how the relationship with your mind and your body deepens.

Good luck and enjoy! Do message or email me. Love to hear how you are getttng on with yourself. Remember it’s your life and your choice. Solve your own puzzle because you are worth it!


Step One

  1. Write to your body. Begin by sitting in a room or a space out in nature. When you are comfortable, look around and choose another space to be where you can move your physical body. Move to that space. Sit, breathe, relax and feel your physical body. Say to yourself I am now physical I am in body. When ready, look toward where you were previously sitting and begin writing a letter from body (where you are sitting) to you in the empty chair/space.

  2. Continue writing until ‘bod’y runs out of words. When finished, leave the paper and move back to where you were sitting. Relax once more into yourself. As you look across to where body was sitting begin writing a reply on another piece of paper.

  3. By the end of the exercise (you can go backwards and forwards as many timesa s you want. Or, come back to the process another time) you’ll have experienced your first dialogue with your body and deepened your understanding of how your physical body relates toward you.

Choose from (in listening to body it will tell you what it needs)

  1. Massage particularly aromatherapy massage. Learn to self massage. Do you even know how you like to be touched? What smells do you love? What is your favourite food? What do you love to look at? What sounds are music to your ear? Bathe yourself in all the things that excite your senses. Give yourself the gift of sensuality. Be slow and feel…

  2. Reiki. Receive it and learn how to do it for yourself. A fundamental understanding of your body, your mind and emotions will inevitably follow.

  3. Go swimming, have frequent baths, walk slowly and lightly on the ground and especially without shoes. Feel the wet earth, grass beneath your feet. Benefit from experiencing nature in its eloquence.

  4. Stretch in the morning. Watch any animal the first thing they do is stretch as they awaken.

  5. Hot and then cold showers. Finish with cold water. Get the body and circulation moving.

  6.  Laugh. The heart is wide open, the belly is filled with oxygen, and it is a complete cleanse for the energetic system. Laughter softens us and allows us to be more present and receptive. See every cell in your body filled with smiles, joy and laughter.

  7. Consider all your relationships - they are wonderful teachers. Surrendering can be a gift! Instead of subscribing to the mental thought wave that I am “losing my freedom” by being in relationship, focus on gains; you’ll learn about yourself - habits, fears, and desires by being with someone. Accept we are wired to be connected with other people and other people serve as a mirror.

    The feminine aspect of relationship comes when two people pay attention to the relationship’s energy instead of rushing to label it. The feminine perspective gives us the yin, being, reflective skills a relationship needs to flourish. I recently overheard a couple on a first date talking about marriage and kids! Relationships have a frequency of their own, slowing down and tuning into that is a skill. We are often so in love with being in love we can only see our own dreams and desires, so our linear mind takes over wanting more and more, unable to stay in the (being) moment savouring the exquisiteness of two people together. No it wants to plan, organise, control and manage what happens next, often in line with dreams and desires you’ve harboured for years and years waiting just waiting for that ‘special someone to arrive.’

  8. We literally are what we eat. Body needs energy derived from food. Wholesome organic food. Listen to body. Experience when it is full and what it needs to have energy to use the mind or handle the physical load. Body’s nutritional needs change with the seasons and time of day. Your current level of harmony within your health and wellbeing plays a part in your nutritional needs. If its cold and damp and your health suffers don’t eat damp forming foods! Consider changing your routine, I promise your body will thank you. You’ll be playing your own Stradivarius violin.

  9. Alternate nostril breathing . This practice works directly with the right and left sides of the body and brain to cultivate harmony and mental clarity. It helps clear blocked energy streams in the body.

    Sit comfortably with a tall spine. Place your left hand on your lap, palm face up or face down. With your right hand, fold down your index and middle finger so they are gently touching the centre of your palm. Place your ring finger on your left nostril and softly close the nostril. Take a deep slow breath in through your right nostril. When the breath is full, then gently switch and release your left nostril and close off your right nostril with your thumb. Close your eyes. Take a long, slow exhale through your left nostril. When the lungs are empty, keep the hand as it is and take another deep breath in through your left nostril. When you reach the top, repeat by switching to exhale through your right. Inhale again through your right nostril, switch fingers, and exhale through your left. Repeat. Five minutes per day is all you need. When you become confident count eight as you hold a nostril, let go for eight and hold for eight.

  10. Learn how to enter into your body. Sit in physical pain. Learn how to relax, release and let go.

  11. Meditate click here

Why cutting your head from your body isn’t wise when you’re sick or grieving.

If you’re trying to recover, through sickness or bereavement, cutting your head from your body only prolongs your healing.

I tried to shut off my mind after a bereavement. It took me five years to cry and a depression which lasted many more years until I finally integrated mind and body.

Here’s a typical example: recovering from illness or bereavement has a rather similar cycle where although your mind might acknowledge the diagnosis or death, your feelings cannot whilst body is tired, or sleepless or cannot stop ‘being busy and agitated.’

It doesn’t stop there either, even though the mind understand the situation; tries to organise or fix things, feelings may experience overwhelm; tears and emotion flaring up at a drop of a hat not to mention peculiar and fleeting aches or pains in your body.

One step forward then a few steps backward.

A bigger step forward then nothing. Little steps maybe? A movement by movement.

And so it goes on. Until body, mind and emotion are integrated. Everything flowing one way again…

Time is a great healer. yet time itself presses buttons.

In our 24/7 full on digital world it helps to share, offload, understand your own swinging processes. It makes sense, doesn’t it, to know your own body/mind? To help you in future ups and downs.

Friends, loved ones are invaluable. Yet they too, have their lives to lead. They can experience overload when loved ones are going through challenges.

If you need signposts, want to understand how you can take back your personal power, move through the ups and downs, put together your own personal ‘sat nav’ mapping out a way forward that works for you, please know you aren’t on your own if you don’t want to be…

Join a Harmony Circle

There are others ‘out there’ too! Discover more about yourself and your way forward you’ll never be disappointed! This website is all about Harmony Circles - other like-minded and hearted others getting together, sharing, encouraging and supporting. Do join us!



"Everything is possible and nothing is impossible. You are only ever limited by your mind."

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"We are all made of stars and carry eternity inside." Thich Nhat Hanh

Ann Tanmayi



Personal Freedom and Ageing Well - you are the pattern maker and breaker of your own destiny

Personal Freedom and Ageing Well - you are the pattern maker and breaker of your own destiny

This blog first appeared on Sixty and Me Website where I am a guest blogger. 

When you think about freedom and ageing well, what pops into your mind?

Is this an oxymoron or can you step into an even greater personal power in your sixties and beyond? 

I’ve noticed a pattern to my work over the years with clients when it comes to unlocking personal freedom and ageing well. Here are the 3 top keys to freedom I have identified:

1.    Don’t worry

2.    Be True To Your Dreams

3.    It is what it is and I am what I am!

Don’t worry

Many of us worry how we’ll be when we grow older. Will we act similarly to our parents perhaps? Experience same problems and illnesses? It’s inevitable really, to worry or wonder what might or will happen to us as we enter our sixties and beyond. 

Of course, most of us are pleasantly surprised because through wisdom and experience we learn a vital freedom-rich secret, which is not to worry. That it is what it is. 

In fact, take note of this lovely Tibetan saying:

·      If you can do something about it, then why worry?

·      And if you can’t do anything about it, then why worry?

Actually, it makes sense, really, after all, it’s impossible to second-guess others. On average, we have 60,000 thoughts going around in our minds in any 24 hours, so how can we know what people are thinking about us? And, as importantly, if you really want to think about it, how many of us can discern every thought that goes around in our very own minds at any given time?

One of the ways we learn how to move into this freedom from restriction is to discern the difference between expectations to reality.

A typical one many of us experience over the years is how we juggle the balls of work and home life where we can be restricted by expectations from others as well as our own. Along the way, we worry about ‘fitting in.’ Especially if we’re climbing up the slippery and political career ladder and having time off for children.  As we aim high in our expectations we find ourselves not wanting to ’rock the boat’ after all, juggling work and home life take a particular set of expert skills!

With work and home life probably different than in our forties and fifties now’s the time to expand your freedom.

It can begin with taking your personal power back. You no longer need to walk on eggshells, worrying about what people think. In fact, if you have to worry at all, worry about where your own freedom is restricted:

·      Begin with asking for what you want. Because you are worth it.

·      After all these years it should now be about your own self-worth, living by your own set of values.

·      If you are a caring and sensitive soul, let's be very clear, it is a fact: we cannot nurture others from a dry well!

As we all move through the gateway into our sixth decade, there are vital secrets we need to know and learn to enhance our personal power enabling us to age well. One vital key is how to live in the moment, with the first step being not to worry.

This is what the Gateway into your Sixth Decade is all about: moving into a greater sense of your own self.


Are you following what makes your heart sing? Are you in alignment with the dreams of your earliest years?

Life has a way of taking us everywhere but where our heart really lies - in that special and sacred space where we can lose ourselves in joy, peace and creativity.

Two clients of mine recently began a new business together with a combined age (wisdom and experience) of 128 years.

Their hearts were calling to them and they wanted to revolt against the expectation that when you’re in your sixties or older, the presumption is that   work will cease, let alone the idea of setting up a new business. They told me they could identify with their childhood dreams and in opening up to them, they were experiencing a new surge of energy.  

We discussed positive role models identifying the rock and film stars from the seventies and eighties, and how many of them are challenging society’s assumption around ageing. 

I see this pattern again and again: where the working career takes a person into say, law or engineering, yet on the inside they have always been an artist – poetry, painting, writing, some form of self-expression. This is exactly how my clients were looking at their lives right now. They were honouring the artist inside of them.

When we listen to our hearts and our dreams and act upon them our payback will be more energy and vitality. My clients power of self-determination was giving them their longing for freedom to be in alignment with their childhood dreams.

It is what it is and I am what I am.

Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones gave an interview where he said “When I reach an age where I’m unable to look after myself easily don’t assume I’ll want to be taken on outings with others of a similar age. No, I’ll want my independence to the end, marijuana on tap and any carers will need to be young, pretty and with short skirts!”  OK, so we might not all subscribe to Bill Wyman’s vision, but at least his view was a humorous one, where having fun and maintaining independence was high up on his list.  

Some countries are taking advantage of this, in what I might call a silver-revolution: Japan is experiencing a super-ageing society with over 30% of the population now over sixty years of age.   They are gearing up for this ever-growing people power aware they are performing at a higher level than those of a similar age from the 20th century. Japan may well be leading the way in terms of the freedom and the quality of independence.

What could all this mean for you and me and our personal power and freedom in our sixties and beyond?

What pops into your mind when you think of freedom and ageing well? I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Please join the conversation!



"Everything is possible and nothing is impossible. You are only ever limited by your mind."

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"We are all made of stars and carry eternity inside." Thich Nhat Hanh