Superstition, co-incidences and luck : Life can work in mysterious ways

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Life can work in mysterious ways.  

It pays to be smart enough to accept we don't have all the answers.

And here's why...

Are you in the zone?

Where everything seems to be going just right? You're in the flow? Every single thing in your life seems to be going so well, really easy. Like a line of dominoes - one down all down - one after the another easy as it goes...

How does this occur and why doesn't it happen day after day?  Yet another unexplained life mystery. 

But wait - 

Superstition ~ coincidences ~ luck. Wherever they originate, best not to ignore. In fact, let's go one step further, listen and watch out for them, for they show themselves more frequently than you might think.

So yes, do step in, let go, and try to go with the flow of life. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the outcome!