Unlock your mindset from fear and worry

Worry fear? UNLOCK your mindset right now!

Worry fear? UNLOCK your mindset right now!

Do you experience fear?

A threatening health issue, or life challenge perhaps.

Watching world TV alone can bring up fearful thoughts. Those ‘what if’ thoughts where in your right mind, you would immediately dismiss them, but now, a vicious cycle of overwhelm takes hold.  “Impossible! I can’t see a way through.  Where will it end?” Scream your thoughts.

But it doesn’t have to be impossible.  

What if there were ways to permanently unlock your mindset from fear?


Meet Honey my dog. She knows how to rise above it all.

Here’s how she spends her typical Honey Dog day:

8-noon what a lovely day: playtime, fun time, great food, I might have a snooze along the way. 

12-4 what a lovely day: walks, sniffing, peeing, people to lick, dogs to meet. 

Honey stays in the present

Honey stays in the present

4-6 what a lovely day: on my back sleepy time, what’s to eat?

6-10 isn’t it snuggle time? What a lovely day!

10pm: wow walks again. Cuddles, what a lovely day!  

Honey’s open, happy attitude teaches me to look deeply into where I allow fear and negative thinking to colour my life. Along with an even deeper question around why can’t I permanently rise above it?  Her ability to live above and beyond my current level of thinking shows me an extra-ordinary opportunity to choose to rise above fear rather than remain its victim.


This true story was given to me by an emergency responder

  • Emergency team respond to heart attack.

  • Professionals and machines did everything they possible could, by the time the ambulance reached the hospital the patient was pronounced dead. 

  • After a five-minute breather, one of the team re-entered the ambulance to prepare the patient. 

  • Imagine their surprise to see the patient sitting up, pulling off wires, asking where he was and what happened? 

Explain the unexplainable

 Three people witnessed this patient dying and the same patient living. Needless to say the team agreed to tear up the paperwork and never speak of it again. Rest assured the equipment was checked thoroughly.

Whilst this story is absolutely true, how would you explain it?

 I can’t answer nor do I understand this patient’s heart attack recovery. 

What I do know is how there are many ‘extra-ordinary' stories.  I’m confident that things ‘out of the ordinary’ happen and more frequently than I imagine.  

Maybe, just maybe, I should embrace an ‘out of the ordinary’ different mindset toward fear and negative thinking? 

What this story and my dog, Honey’s way of living life have given me is a new approach toward living my own life.


No, it’s NOT going to happen to me!

During a routine check my optician identified a dark mass. “I’m stressed.” I said. It made sense to me that my body would reflect my stress somewhere.

The optician was doubtful but agreed to give me another test in three weeks, only to find the mark had moved to the other eye! I thought this really amusing. I explained how I was doing my best to resolve it. When stressed I could be guilty cutting my mind off from my body by ignoring everything and “ getting on with it” to the detriment of my physical wellbeing.

Three weeks later my eyes were fine.  Whilst the optician couldn’t make sense, to me, it made absolute sense.

But why and how?

  • I didn’t ask "what if” questions over what the mass in my eye might mean.

  • I didn’t enter an overwhelming emotional and mental spiral of fear. I stayed in the present, refusing to trigger past experiences or future what if thoughts.

  • I stayed in the moment listening to my body's warning signals, focussing my mind on the present. I reflected on my emotions rather than reacting to them knowing that they could easily create a negative reaction in my physical body if I allowed them to run away with fear.

  •  I gave space and time to nurture my mind, emotions, body and spirit. 

  •  I trusted my body’s innate ability to heal before reflecting harmony once more.


Living in the zone

Have you ever said  “It won’t happen to me” knowing perfectly well in your heart of hearts that no, it really won’t happen to you? 

That’s what happened to me with the optician. 

I’ve not always followed my good sense.  

I experienced a minor stroke.  Down I went into fear mode.   Through fear I went into overwhelm trying to fix it with my mind, forgetting the body needed time to process the shock and to heal.

So what’s different now? 

·       I’m in a different frame of mind. I’ve risen above fear. My body is relaxed I am relaxed. It’s nothing personal and I’m not buying into any “what if.” 

·       No, it’s not going to happen again. NO I’m not going to buy into “I can’t do this or that.”  I know, somehow I just know that it won’t happen again.   You know that feeling? Somehow you simply know it’s ok. It is not going to happen

In the Zone – going with the flow of life

 There have been times (I’m sure you’ve experienced this too) where I’ve said to myself  “This  feels so right, I know it’s going to work.” Or I’ve felt it in my guts – an instinct - that all is ok.

These feelings are natural. We need to realise they’re part of being a whole human being. They aren’t extra-ordinary they’re more common than you think. 

Sports stars call it being in the zone. Everything  flowing one way.  You don’t know why and it just is. We’ve all done it, haven’t we? Where the day just flows. Whatever you do, wherever you go, all augurs well.

Colin Wilson and Abraham Maslow call it the Peak Experience. IT IS OUR RIGHTFUL HUMAN EXPERIENCE


Why can’t I be in the zone all the time?

The answer is you can!

Trust these experiences are normal. Tap into them daily, they’re yours to use at will so that when fear arises in your life you’ll naturally rise above continuing in the flow of abundant life, activating free flowing thoughts and mindful action rather than floundering in victim mode. 

Think yourself into a wholesome frame of mind. It doesn’t have to be impossible. Who says it’s impossible? You’ve a choice. And I choose to be a wholesome human being.  Care to join me?  

And if you are asking is it worth it

Is it worth unlocking your mindset from being a victim of fear worry and anxiety?  Living life extra-ordinarily? 

 I can think of hundreds of reasons, here’s three to be getting on with:

  • I know its healthier for me to live with a glass half full perspective rather than half empty.

  • I know its healthier for me to be open to playfulness, spontaneity and joy like Honey

  • I know it’s healthier for me and for the rest of the world if I live from this wholesome frame of mind. After all, laugh and the world laughs with you cry and you cry alone.

Co-incidences and strange occurrences, not to mention out-of-the-ordinary experiences are so much more common than we fully accept and live by.  

Rather than explain it away as something extraordinary why not rise up into a new and wholesome frame of mind? One where the impossibility becomes possible? Day after day after day! 

Go on - you’re worth it!

Do you have an extra-ordinary story to share? I’d love to hear from you.

All is Possible and Nothing is Impossible


"Everything is possible and nothing is impossible. You are only ever limited by your mind."

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