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We all want to maintain our health and age well. Whilst energy levels can dip and dive, did you know that vitality will always sustain you?

I’ve learned that what separates a vitality-person from an energetic-person is that it’s not about dashing here, there and everywhere, rather it’s much more about mindfulness and soulfulness.

I’d like to share why vitality is so important as we age. I’m 63 now and confident in navigating my energy and vitality but it hasn’t all been plain sailing through those waves!

 At 36 I underwent an early menopause resulting in clinical depression with huge energy dips and dives alongside a breakdown in my immune system. I resolved from then onwards to understand how I manage my energy levels and age well, rejecting the medical practitioners prediction I would be “Old before my time” and my sex life was over.  That was a red rag to a bull let me tell you!

Through my journey I discovered vitality. But first:

Are you a lark or an owl?

 I’ve learned that I’m wider-awake with more energy in mid-afternoon into the evening. I’ve always been like that, so in charting my energy dips and dives I began looking for patterns. It turns out our birth time can effect our more productive energy times. So I’m an owl. I was born in the evening and I’m more alive in the evening. If you’re born early in the morning you may well be a lark. Is this you - up with the lark early in the morning?

Do you have an energy dip between midday and mid-afternoon?

If you want to even out your energy patterns make yourself take a nap or rest in the afternoon.  I learned this after my operations.  Giving myself ‘time out’ for me reduced my stress intake and increased my ability to relax at will.  It is a vital skill for moving through the ups and downs of life and a step on the way to living on the inside of my ‘Beautiful Mind’ where I could open up to vitality.   

 In fact, why don't we all take a leaf out of kindergarten’s book where everyone had cookies and milk and a rest after midday?  Imagine how different the world might be if everyone had an afternoon nap together?  The world is offline between midday and 2pm everyday!

Unlocking your door into vitality

There’s something different about people with vitality.

  • You can’t help but notice when they enter the room. There’s an aura around them, they seem to glow, whatever the time of day or night.
  • Problems? What problems! They’ll take challenges in their stride, moving through life’s gateways including the inevitable ageing threshold with alacrity.
  • They exude an inner strength and an inner peace. There are no dips or dives in vitality, it’s with them all of the time.

Vitality has nothing to do with age and everything to do with transition.

 People with vitality move through the ups and downs of life, whilst others get stuck, they simply can’t or won’t move on. In my toughest times (so far) I was stuck in the memories, thoughts and experiences and needed to learn a way out of letting go of what hadn’t worked so well for me. I had to do this because my outlook on life and physical wellbeing were suffering. I needed to understand and accept that change is part of life. When we transition well through our personal challenges our payback is vitality.

We face inevitable change in our sixties and beyond.

Our roles change, many things shift and I’m not just talking gravity! Of course it can be difficult in accepting that life isn’t like it used to be and “We aren’t like we used to be.”  

Why is vitality important as we age?

Choice becomes vital because every choice you make may be crucial to your imminent wellbeing. If you choose therefore, to take even one small step toward moving through any stuck part of your life, your transitions in life will be easier. 

What’s worked well for me and over 10,000 hours working with clients is creating a timeline to help free up what’s holding us back from having the time of our lives.  I learned how to let go of what has gone before including holding onto past memories that were no longer serving me well. Most importantly I learned how to reflect, release, repair and reset my mind at will. I promise you it’s less painful than remaining stuck, unable to go with the flow! A lighter hearted approach ensues whatever and whenever life throws a curved ball.  Vitality steps in.

How will you know your vitality is growing? 

Whilst on the outside the years will continue to show changes in your physical body and energy levels will dip and dive, on the inside, in your ‘Beautiful Mind,’ the soulful and mindful  ‘you’ continually glows because it’s here where vitality exists.

Are you a lark or an owl? What might be different if the world was offline for two hours midday and we all had a nap?   Can you share your observations about vitality and energy?  Do you know people who have both? What are their ages? I’m curious to hear your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you!



"Everything is possible and nothing is impossible. You are only ever limited by your mind."

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