Walking into the Light


Walking into the Light 

Many years ago, I was invited to meet  Graham. He was bedridden with a brain tumour.  Unable to see and hardly able to move, he communicated by touch. I would lay beside him, where he would explore my face and hands with the lightest of touch.

Walking into the Light

I was there to share the gentle art of Reiki with him.  I 'saw' us sitting inside his head. I realised later that perhaps we were meeting either side of his brain tumour, because we would sit opposite each other with a fire raging in-between us.

For many sessions, we would simply sit looking into the fire.  His partner told me  that Graham was a professional soldier who spent many days staking out  war zones.

After several sessions sitting quietly opposite each other,  he asked me why I was sitting with him. I replied I was waiting too. That seemed to satisfy him. 

One healing session, I saw a light behind him. Although he couldn't see it, he could sense something behind him, yet, curiously he wasn't turning around. Instead, he became agitated and anxious, in fact, he looked downright scared.  For me, I was in awe. Bliss actually. The light pulsated towards us I could see it and feel it. I felt so happy gloriously happy. Why? Because Graham and I were literally bathing in Love. 

At the next session, I could see the Light and feel the Love once more.  Graham wasn't happy at all, he was  clearly agitated. The Light continued to pulsate. The more compassion and Love emanating from this Light the more agitated Graham became. I sat quietly observing. For that session and for several to come he began to open up and talk to me about his life including his parents and his partner. He talked about regrets, wishes for loved ones and his concerns. I relayed them to his partner. Who shared messages with various members of his family.  From time to time he would become agitated, worried, anxious and sad, I gave him various Bach Remedies to calm him and redress emotional imbalances. 

Graham's agitation and fears eased. 

And then a very interesting thing occurred.

He disappeared. 

Yes, I turned up for a session. The fire was still there. But where was Graham? it was then I instinctively knew he was somewhere I couldn't follow.

Moments later he returned assuming his position opposite the smouldering fire, as though he had been on an army reconnoitre.  We sat quietly together.  There wasn't any need for conversation. All was peaceful. The next session much the same. The third session he didn't meet me. The fourth session he did return and was entirely different,  very relaxed and happy. Again we sat quietly together.

The Light was still there. The Love was everywhere.

And then, well and then, Graham was no longer there. I visited him for a few sessions more. 

He never returned. 

Somehow all seemed well, on some level I knew this was a turning point,  either he would return and continue living or he would leave,  in physical terms he would die. For now you see although his physical body was (barely) alive yet his call-it-what you will, life essence? Well, that had long since left his body. 

What an honour to witness Graham in his transition. Moving through the gateway from life into death. He had completely let go. His emotions, anxiety, worries were long gone. He was free! Free of all the ties that can bind us to this everyday reality. The ties that stop us from moving on, letting go, trying something new, can prevent us from letting go of regrets.



"Everything is possible and nothing is impossible. You are only ever limited by your mind."

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"We are all made of stars and carry eternity inside." Thich Nhat Hanh