You are perfect right now.



The Law of ATTRACTION - Like will attract Like.

Here's how to make it happen for you!


Yes that's right, everything is as it is and it's ok!

It really is your life and your choice in the way you choose to look out on your life. Whatever perspective you hold on your reality, is fine.

I say that because so many of us (and me) tend to think inside our heads through our self-talk. You know the sort of thing:  "What if?" or "How might they see this?" or "If they say this I will say that." We can get ourselves completely wound up, can't we? And who really suffers I wonder.

There’s plenty of space in our wonderful world for all perspectives.

Let's face it, if you and I witness the same accident, rest assured we'll have a different perspective.

We might have seen the same accident, but how we perceive it, what we might write down about it, how we might draw it too will be different. So attacking or blaming, defending or denying, convincing, judging someone who holds a different view? Well, really, what's the point?

Once you grasp how perspective works it can make much more sense to accept that the other person's perspective is a valid choice for them, for its how they see the world, how they perceive it, absorb it and reflect it.

Every single one of us is entitled to our own perspective. 

Now here is THE THING (I've always wanted to say that!) when you meet someone who looks out on life in a similar way to you, what happens?

You're in alignment.

When perspectives align attraction and a deep connection result. "He understands me." "We see things the same way." "We got on right from the beginning."

And when the attraction isn't there...

When perspectives are out of alignment, and neither party is enjoying the relationship, well then, there is a beautiful world out there, big enough for both of you to enjoy.

A simple acceptance and truth about the relationship is the better way forward and will always work for you.   Where there is no blame, shame, judgement or "claim." If you choose to accept, then peaceful empowerment continues to reside within you because you remain in alignment; you remain peaceful and joyful because you've let go with what is not working well for you and you don't get caught up in any negative self-talk. This way, you've nothing to hide (no remorseful thoughts) and nothing to prove.

What happens?  

There's an opening of space within for you to invite new and alternative connections that might just expand you in a better and more loving way than before!

Moral of this story?

  • Accept many won't be on your wavelength.
  • Don't deny them their choice of perspective.
  • When they aren't in their total alignment this is where growth resides for them should they choose to take a good long hard look at their own thoughts, behaviours and emotional intelligence. 
  •  Instead, trust in your own alignment. Believe in yourself and your self-worth, trust in your perspective.
  • You'll know you are in alignment with your true self because if yours is a  loving and compassionate perspective there won't be any negative self-talk going on inside for you. 

The Law of Attraction.

Attraction flows.

The old saying "One door opens when another one closes" is so very true. If you have the courage to let go and trust in your inner self, then things will happen for you including like-minded and hearted people rushing in to fill the gap you've made by letting go of what is not working well.


"Everything is possible and nothing is impossible. You are only ever limited by your mind."

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"We are all made of stars and carry eternity inside." Thich Nhat Hanh