Harmony Circles enable us to live within our Beautiful Minds and Hearts

This is your Invitation to THINK yourself into HAPPINESS and HEALING

You can reshape your inner world for outer bliss.

 It is your life and your CHOICE.

Our minds can have difficulty when it comes to initiating, maintaining and continuing a one pointed focus. 

  • It can be lonely or feel lonely when we hear or witness a crisis and wonder how can we contribute, connect, collaborate and help.

  • Thanks to the Internet we can contribute and come-into-unity together with like minded and hearted others regardless of where we live, how we live, or how many live with us!

  • Regular collaboration in an HARMONY CIRCLE means the participants and those receiving the Intention will experience rising consciousness.

  • Many but by no means all will have experienced the achievements and power of meditation, mental focus or some form of healing. Whilst there are many ways to achieve focus and one-pointed attention Harmony Circles are not about teaching ways and means.  However, sharing experiences, collaborating and connecting, as a group, are an essential part of our mission and we invite you to join us. It’s free! If you do need support, mentoring, encouragement please ask me or check out our blogs and podcasts.

  • Above all, we’ll continuously experience the reaffirmation that every sentient being is part of the Greater Whole. 

  • We are all as One. How gratifying is this? 

 You can begin to master your mind at any age because your ability to achieve this has nothing to do with a number!

Free flowing thoughts and mindful action…

REFLECT Take time out and meet the space inside yourself where reflection will bring you clarity and inner peace of mind.  

 RELEASE:  And Relax. Nothing is worth losing your inner-peace at any stage of your life. Together we'll clear our lives and mind-set of unnecessary  negativity, frustration, suffering, worry or anxiety through participating in a HARMONY Circle.

REPAIR: Support your heart, mind and soul

RESET:  is the ability to put your skills into practise ensure your inner and outer world remain in harmony. The confidence to realign at will, understanding how to re-dress any imbalance within your inner and outer world.

 We all have a beautiful Mind.

We all have the keys to happiness, we can reshape our inner world for outer bliss.


Anna listens, she has a way about her that puts you immediately at ease. She helped me get to the heart of the matter with ways forward that were so right for me.
— MG, Windsor UK