"Your best friend is your own mind and your own warm-heartedness. They will give you your inner peace and happiness."

The Dalai Lama 

i look forward to meeting with you over the sound waves!

i look forward to meeting with you over the sound waves!

At HARMONY CIRCLES we love to share, connect and collaborate.

We believe in helping especially those who are open to spiritual growth. Who recognise their inner world affects how they manage their outer world…

Hello, I’m Anna or Tanmayi.

On behalf of us (yep, that’s us at the top all helping each other - I took this pic one time in India, watching the collaboration of everyone getting the fishing nets sorted. Not one argument just collaboration. Wonderful!

I’ve always had a vision of collaborating with like minded and hearted others through harmony regardless of race, culture or religion. I resolved one day to make a positive change and here we are with Harmony Circles!

Who am I?

Some  call me a transformation catalyst. For people who want to know specific boxes - sorry skills - over the past 20 years or so and over 10,000 hours I’ve provided support through Counselling, Reiki Healing, herbs for emotional and mental wellbeing and journeying on other dimensions.

Experience has taught me the ultimate healing outcome is where heart and mind are in harmony. I’ve dedicated my life to understanding my patterns and rhythms. I can see when to go with the flow, when to retreat, when and how to release - all vital in this 24/7 full on digital world.

Only you ~ your wise inner Self ~ know all the answers. I cannot. I can support and encourage. Yes, we are all as one and yes we are all on our own life journey. We therefore have a choice.

Who am I? I am no-thing and no-one! I’m wisdom learning, contributing - I hope - in raising consciousness alongside with like-minded and hearted others. Join us? You’d be welcome!


 We can choose to live our lives honestly, kindly and compassionately

  • Each decade, year, month, day. 24 hours brings change and transition, which is OK if we live our lives on the inside.

  • It’s in our own inner world where sustained peace, love, passion, purpose, fun and happiness reside.

  • It helps too, if we don't subscribe to any system looking after us completely or being shoved aside by society and on a heap because we’ve reached a perception laid down by society, maybe through income, age, culture, religion or health.

  • Furthermore, by not subscribing to such an outer world means that being a member of a tribe because system dictates is no longer necessary or meaningful. Why? Because inside our own minds we know we are free to choose. We know we are the pattern maker and breaker of our life journey.

  • Of course there will be steps backwards as well as huge steps forwards in life. We're given challenges so we learn how to move through them with alacrity gaining vitality, knowledge, peace and clarity and a lighter hearted attitude toward life as we go. Surely life IS a game of monopoly collecting peace of mind warmth of heart, love and compassion for passing go each time!

Fun ~ freedom ~ purpose ~ passion ~ happiness.  Lets all choose to live from that answer!


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Harmony Circles

Whilst we aren’t here to teach you we are here to support and encourage and collaborate with one another.

If you choose to take back your personal power and become the master of your own thoughts and feelings, beliefs and values in your own Beautiful Mind DO join with us?


It's here, in our Beautiful Minds, where True Love, Happiness and Freedom resides. 

I've observed countless case studies to see how powerful our mind can be once we've begun to live on the inside.

I’ve turned them into a series of books: Your Portal to Your Potential with the first three listed below. I know there is much more to this world and I’d like to share this knowledge with you too.

If you’d like to peer into these fascinating books of other inner worlds, I’m confident you’ll be satisfied you’re not alone in your experiences, confirming we are all as one:

  • What’s passion got to do with it?

  • Everything! Banksy (a well known UK graffiti artist)  says that if art is your passion then live it and don't think about success. Banksy measures success through passion. He says that if you do something fully, you immerse yourself in it, it doesn’t matter what it is as long as you give yourself into it.  And it  has to be something bigger than you. What does it mean to live your life with passion? Intensity, a strong outburst of emotion: feelings, fire, heat, energy, commitment, focus, expression, success? Are you fearful, excited perhaps, do you embrace passion daily into your life or tip toe around it? Passion is a foundation for your life and this book explains why.

  • Where would your world be without money?

  • If I look at the world as a stage, money has played a significant part in the drama of my life. There is definitely a correlation between my physical, mental and emotional energy levels, my behaviour and my financial income. After years of soul searching and countless client case studies to support my research  I realise it is not money per se, it is my relationship toward myself and money that’s been my problem. Does this resonate with you? Explore your own relationship toward money and ultimately your own self.

  • Awakening and remembering what we've forgotten

  • An introduction to living in-between the worlds managing your inner and outer realities. Recognising signposts along the way as you integrate a new way of living and thinking. Life skills for change and personal growth with emotional intelligence and resilience. Living life from your inner world where your best friend is your mind and your own warm heartedness.

Pick up your free e-book on the home page right now: The Masks We Wear. We all wear them to protect, enhance or defend. Which ones do you wear and why?

Want to know more? Read excerpts, discuss the finer points? JOIN our community.

Claim copies now for £3 in pdf format before they go on sale at £5.99 in May on Amazon.

“We are all made of stars and carry eternity inside.”
— Thich Nhat Hanh