Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.” RUMI

”You are the sky.
Everything else - it’s just the weather. PEMA CHODRON

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qcollaborating and supporting each other through harmony circles

qcollaborating and supporting each other through harmony circles


 Our circles together are here to share, support and encourage.

You'll be in touch with what makes your heart sing.

Living in alignment with mind and heart  in this 24/7 challenging world where peace, harmony, joy and happiness is vital to maintain balance and wellbeing.


Would you like to have mentoring?

I’m more than happy to help signpost you along your way and I offer this service through donation.

Are you searching? Perhaps you’re not sure, unconsciously maybe you’re saying to yourself “There has to be something more to life than this....”

You see it is not that life isn’t beautiful. It is. And that’s the point. For some reason, we have forgotten how beautiful it is; most importantly, we’ve forgotten how beautiful we are - yes you and me. You and I have forgotten that we were born perfect.

If you are questioning your life in any way, those deep down questions we all have - who am I and why am I here? And what is not working so well for me, and I want more but that doesn't sit right when others are without.. you know, those questions, please know you are not alone. We are all one. We all face these questions some time or many times in our lives. I’m happy to offer wisdom sharing and mentoring ~ Awakening ~ Remembering ~ Transforming ~ Healing ~ Traditional Holistic methodologies ~ Quantum Healing: the past, the present and the future ~ Oneness ~ Heart & Mind Connectivity ~

My mentoring is based upon

  1. The fact that we all have the capability to 'live from the answer' and that answer is within. Social interaction is diminishing in many ways. We tend to live on the internet. The real world is within our own little world through reflection and intimacy with one’s own self.

  2. The fact that you and I live in a 24/7 ever changing outer world. I learned how I needed to continually evolve in my mind and in my heart in order to remain balanced. Over the course of 30 years of professional practise alongside my own reflections and personal journey including a stroke and hole in my heart I’ve learned how to REFLECT | RELEASE | REPAIR | RESET continually empowering me live in peace in my own inner world, where energy, vitality and an unlimited source of peace, joy and compassion reside. Experiencing how this world, universe, our minds and hearts flow within rhythms and patterns. Life isn’t linear. We can all learn how to function with free flowing thoughts and mindful action.

My Background

I've lived and worked around the world, including Boston USA, Virgin Islands in the Caribbean and Monte Carlo, Europe, London and Oxford UK.

Over past 30 years or so, I've been 'pigeonholed into boxes' as a counsellor, psychotherapist,  mentor, coach and healer, Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner and Bach Flower Remedies Counsellor.

If you want a title - to put me in a box - the best one I’ve found so far is to say I'm a Transformation Catalyst, wisdom sharer and spiritual mentor. I help and support you to see how to take the reins of your life enabling you to live  in harmony, in alignment with your own Singing Heart and your own Beautiful Mind. 

 Everything I share and support you along your journey I've  either experienced myself or witnessed countless others going through a similar process.

From 1996-2015 my company was called Harmony in Health. I always had a vision of collaborating with like minded and hearted others in harmony regardless of culture or religion. Through helping countless people referred by organisations, government, public and private health, I encountered discrimination, power issues and bullying, particularly an inability by those in senior posts to support and help others further down the slippery pole. I often came up ‘against’ those in power, defending the more vulnerable. I resolved one day to make a positive change. Hence Harmony Circles! If you find power issues in your life, do read my free e-book on the Masks We Wear. Go to Home Page and click on the link for your free copy. Insightful reading on the masks we wear in everyday confrontation at work and in relationships!


In 1996, after three years in the Caribbean and Boston USA studying Wellness Programmes in the Community,  I set up a clinic in the UK, "Harmony in Health." In the early years,  most of my clients came via private word-of-mouth recommendation.

Alongside my work with clients I’ve helped in the community working alongside various ageing well projects.

From 2002, my referrals increasingly came from professionals in the business community and the public sector. And for seven years,  I worked for the UK  NHS employee wellbeing programme, particularly retirement, transition, ageing well issues.  You can also check out my NHS and business references on Linked In.

In 2010 I moved to Devon where  I spent four years in seclusion and meditation. I was exhausted, having worked 7 days a week for many years averaging 30-40 clients a week. It is from this period of seclusion I began to write about the patterns and processes toward self-alignment. I am particularly interested in Ageing Well, Awakening and Remembering our Divinity. I write about Love, Laughter and Relationships and Transition as we move through our journey of life. In 2018 I had a stroke and was diagnosed with a hole in my heart. Well, it’s congenital. I’ve lived with it - my hole in the heart that is - all my life. The NHS doesn’t have the budget to operate. And frankly, I’ve come to terms with it, learned to manage me and all of me in the best way for my own wellbeing. It is what it is and I am what I am! All is well! However it is why I no longer practise under the company name, using simply my own name

Tanmayi is my given spiritual name meaning " harmonious oneness"  A name I've taken to heart throughout my life journey.

I've  nearly  30 years of expertise in exploring  with clients what I call Soul Journey questions

  • The Who am I/where am I going thoughts.

  • How can I balance my inner world with my outer world?

  • In fact, where is my inner world how can I access it?

  • What is my/the purpose of life?

  • Why me, why this, why now?

Deep and meaningful questions so many of us experience at some time or another.

 I've had those thoughts ever since I was three ... in fact, it's been my mission throughout my life to discover answers, living my life in harmony, without attachment in peace happiness and joy. 


Thank you so much for coming to talk to our patients. (They) found it very helpful and enjoyed talking with you afterwards in depth. I hope you come again...

(C.J. palliative care nurse)

You do make a big difference to people's mindset...

(Occupational Health Advisor at KML)

I would have no hesitation in recommending Anna

( UK NHS Oxon. & Bucks. Mental Health Authority)

I would highly recommend Anna to any medical practice or patient. This work is very much needed...

(Dr G. Pearson. UK London GP)

Anna has an impressive record of moving individuals forward. An expert practitioner who is a great asset...(UK NHS Occupational Health Advisor)

Some say I am a transformational catalyst, and how I transform lives. Maybe. What I do know is that I walk my talk ...


Our Commitment to each other is through donation

managing your 24/7 world. moving through uncertainty, change at will.

managing your 24/7 world. moving through uncertainty, change at will.

I do guarantee achievement, because, put simply, if you put your 'mind' to this, you will transform.

  • If you have questions I suggest an exploratory session

Rest assured, if  I can't help I will find others who can

  • I encourage you to exchange with me a payment you decide on the basis of your satisfaction

  • If you aren't working, low waged or retired, it’s by donation so do, please call me.

Drop me a line, leave me your number if you'd like me to call you or I can contact you online?  If I can't help I will do my utmost to point you in another direction, I promise.

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