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Ann Tanmayi is the domain name of this website and is used as a business trading name by Ann Tanmayi Bruce, who is registered as self-employed in the UK.

 The contact address is:

Ann Tanmayi Bruce
St Mary’s Hill
Devon,  TQ5,  UK

 The contact phone number is:
+44 (0)1803 857323


 Whilst I have  extensive knowledge and experience that I share with you related to healthy and abundant living, please note that I am not qualified as an NHS medical advisor nor as a financial advisor.

 All information on this website is intended for educational and review purposes only. No information on this website or in any communication from me in any form should be construed as medical advice, medical diagnosis or medical treatment; nor as specific financial or business advice

Please be aware that it is, of course,  your own responsibility to consult with a qualified medical practitioner of your choice regarding any health issues. I can recommend many wonderful qualified ‘alternative’ health practitioners. As one myself, we must adhere to our professional body  requirements and ensure ongoing training. For example, I am required to have supervision as well as ongoing training. It is also your own responsibility to seek appropriate professional advice regarding any business or financial matter.

Privacy Policy

 I totally respect your privacy and will never sell, rent or pass on your details to anyone else.Of course not!

 If you contact me by any means, your contact details such as email and phone number will only be used to reply to you.  I will never “spam” you.

 Only at your request, might I add your email to my email list for receiving newsletters and notifications of events and information that I feel may be useful to you. Should you subscribe to my email list, you will be able to easily unsubscribe at any time – simply click the “unsubscribe” link in any of my emails that is sent to my subscribers.

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 This website is hosted independently  through square space.  Standard cookies may be used to facilitate smooth operation of the website display. There is no spyware or tracking software of any kind installed.

 No personal data about you is collected, other than information which you explicitly volunteer by joining my mailing list or by completing on-line surveys which I may occasionally offer and in which your participation is optional.


 Where links to other websites are displayed, none of these links are affiliate links – that is I do not earn any commission if you purchase anything from a website that I link to. The exception is any links I may provide for the purpose of enabling you to purchase my books, for which I do of course receive my royalty.

 All links to other websites are offered in good faith, where I believe that the information you will find there is useful. However, I have no control over how other websites operate and it is your responsibility to exercise the usual due diligence when visiting any other website.


 I welcome constructive feedback on your experience of this website. Indeed, I would be most grateful. My aim is to provide you with information and services that will enhance your  well-being and life enjoyment. Thank you for your time and I know you will enjoy a great day today! Why? Because you are paying attention to enjoying the day! "The only limitation is in your mind!"

Written with Love and Gratitude.


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