The happiness that comes from the pleasures of the world
is but a minute reflection of the infinite bliss
that comes from within your own Self
— SRI MATA AMRITANANDAMAYI Affectionately known as AMMA. The Hugging Saint

Reflection and clarity of mind will give you wings and make you fly.

Reflection is an essential life skill where you'll soar beyond judgement, fear and expectation.

your beautiful mind
  • We're not taught how to reflect at school.
  • Reflection is an easy step into 'journeying within' or 'living in your own reality.'
  • Reflection allows you  to see life in crystal clear clarity through your own eyes.
  • You'll move through fear and uncertainty into peace and joy.
  • You will have peace of mind.
  • You will give yourself time and space to discover your heart's desire.
  • You'll understand how it is that your very own reflection - and imagination - is the quality that truly outdoes reality. 

You see, all the answers you will ever need are within your own Self. You have                                                                                        all the answers within your own Beautiful Mind!


May I introduce you to your True Self where I promise you'll experience an unlimited source of peace, happiness, confidence, energy and vitality.  

How will this occur?

We discover the ebbs and flows, rhythms and patterns of your life, and explore how cycles  of nature contribute to your wellbeing.

We experience how intuition, imagination, synchronicity and ‘so-called co-incidences’ have a part to play too. In fact, they are essential to living your life in alignment. 

Exercising your mind is as essential as exercising your body.

 We meet  “across the sound waves” through phone or skype  allowing you to create and maintain a perfect peaceful space in your own home, as we reflect together in our boundless minds.  Of course, if you wish, if you live in the UK and in the south west, we can meet in my special sanctuary overlooking the sea. I live in a fishing village, Brixham, South Devon.

 In our sessions we weave in what’s working well for you and what you’d like to change, alongside what makes your heart sing - accessing your innermost dreams  - so all parts of you are contributing within the  unique tapestry of your life.


Giving yourself the gift of reflection and the ability to see with crystal clear clarity isn't a luxury in this day and age.

May I invite you to access your innate wisdom within your Beautiful Mind with this first step?


It felt so weird the first time I said to my partner that I needed ‘space.’ We rowed. He thought this was me turning away from him. But now, we’re closer together than we’ve ever been thanks to us both taking time out in our own space. It’s amazing! I can go inside myself, inside my own mind, when I’m in pain. I can manage my fears and tension. Not only that, but my SAD has improved and my eating habits. I had no idea that my eating and sleeping patterns were out of alignment with my own body rhythms. My energy levels have increased too.
— EH Aylesbury.

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