Unlocking the keys to your self-alignment. Meed your Beautiful Mind and REPAIR.

Fear and worry do not empty your tomorrow of trouble, instead, it empties today of strength.

Know your mind and you know the universe.  

your beautiful mind

All the answers you will ever need are within your own True Self. 

May I invite you to get to know


Allow yourself to repair, supported by these beautiful and effective homeopathic herbal remedies.

These natural, safe and gentle remedies will restore your mental and emotional balance, perspective and clarity, positive outlook and wellbeing.

Your energy and vitality will improve once mental and emotional blocks are removed. I will teach you how and why they help you, giving you the confidence to prescribe them for yourself, friends, colleagues and family.  

When my thoughts and emotions are overwhelming or negative my physical pain is worse. Watching awful TV programmes will also do it for me. And if I am around a negative person I can feel drained and exhausted. Bach Flower Remedies put my mindset in a more balanced space, including managing my physical pain.
— Hospice Patient, Reading UK

BACH FLOWER REMEDIES are great teachers.

your beautiful mind

OK, a tad about me, but relevant to why I am so keen on sharing them with you: 

Thirty years ago, they literally changed – no saved - my life. Since then, I’ve prescribed them for adults, children and animals. I've got over 10,000 hours working with others. I hope this tells you how I know they work and why I am so keen to share them with you!

The Bach Remedies will not  affect the efficacy of any drugs you are taking, because they focus entirely on rebalancing your thoughts and feelings - the mental and emotional blocks - rather than the physical symptoms. 

My experiences in using them were profound: As they gently redressed my mental thought processes, I found myself opening up to the rhythms of nature. How did this occur? Well, I  experienced it as being open and in touch with nature and the flows of nature. Specifically  in alignment with the seasons.  The  autumnal season and the depths of   winter giving me ample time for reflection.   The movement forward in spring as plants push through the ground and into the great abundance in summer. It was as though flowing with the seasons I was seeing life and myself  clearly. Over the years I fell into a pattern. In the flow of a greater Earth pattern.  More reflective in the darker months, willing to look inwards, let go of what wasn’t working well, opening up and expanding into to what was working better for me as Spring appeared. I was  continually integrating my own personal thoughts and emotions and moving into an alignment with something greater than me. And that something seemed to help me, hold me, support me, enable me to move through the ups and downs of life. 

In the past, I always dreaded the colder months. The lights going on so early,  that feeling to 'hunker down' inside. It was the last thing I wanted.  But I began to welcome those times, I slowed down on the outside and on the inside, inside my own mind, I paused, went within, relaxed and released so many unwanted thoughts, emotions, behaviours, which were literally preventing me from being truly me, living my life my way and aligning myself with my dreams.  It meant that when the spring and summer time months returned I could literally bask 'out there'  in my natural vitality.  Yes, I really was in the flow of life. What a difference! The cycle of the seasons.  Wonderful! My personality flourished and my behaviours changed. I was getting more in touch with my Self.  My True Self. A greater clarity and peace of mind to see easily what was and wasn't working, discern whether I pushed or stepped back, reflected and went with the flow of life. Of course I had and still have challenges, yet I now experience a more solid inner self. A sustained sense of self, a happy and peaceful, loving self.

Your thoughts really are your destiny.

THINK yourself into Happiness!


Here's an introduction to your chattering mind, how our thoughts are often focussed on the past or in the future and why focussing on the present will give you everything you need. 

There will be no need for blue sky thinking anymore! You have the answer, yes you have all the answers inside of you, in your beautiful mind... 

I came to Anna for my self-confidence. I needed to find me in amongst everything else in my life. The wonderful Bach Remedies have given me a new outlook on my life. I can honestly say I’ve found a new freedom. My self-confidence has improved and anxiety has gone. The best news is that I can prescribe them for myself!
— KL London


WATCH your thoughts!

Watch your words - they become actions

Watch your actions - they become habits

Watch your habits - they become character

Watch your character, IT becomes your destiny....